In 1998 a national level organization affiliated with the National Forest Homeowners Association called the 'Cabin Coalition' pushed for and succeeded in encouraging Congress to enact the CUFFA. As we approached a new round of appraisals in 2008 it became evident that certain aspects of CUFFA were not going to be interpreted as anticipated. A second 'Cabin Coalition' called called 'Cabin Coalition 2' [C2]was initiated and developed a new system of fee determination which was revenue nuetral to the USFS. This determination method was dubbed the Cabin Fee Act' [CFA]. The CFA removed the appraisals which were considered questionable by many because the location of solid comparables was difficult. The CFA was introduced by 'Doc' Hastings of Washington State in the House. It was well received by most and seemed headed for passage. The 'continuing resolution' battle at the end of 2010 left it 'on the table'. Budget issues continue to dominate the actions of Congress and our NFH folks in Washington, DC await the opportunity to revitalize the effort. Meanwhile, our fees will be raised the maximum allowed by the 'continuing resolution'; 25%, which is well above any inflation rate we have seen.

CFA Proposal