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The Pinecrest Basin is situated in Tuolumne County, approximately 30 miles north & east of Sonora, off State Highway 108. In the immediate area of the basin and adjacent to the community, is Pinecrest Lake [formerly Strawberry Lake at Pinecrest] which is a popular day-use and camping destination. There is a public beach and a commercial marina along with Forest Service campgrounds, day-use areas, amphitheater, snack shop and rental cabins. A foot trail provides access around the lake. The elevation is approximately 5,600 feet. During the ski season, within 2 miles, the Dodge Ridge ski resort is available.

The residential ‘cabin’ tract is specifically accessed by varying degrees from a road loop formed by Pinecrest Lake Road and Pinecrest Avenue, Lakeshore Drive and Dodge Ridge Road [see map].These are county roads that are maintained and plowed for winter access by Tuolumne County. The interior roads are maintained and plowed by the PPA. Some lots can be accessed only by boat or foot.

The area is currently zoned P; Public. The site would probably be zoned for single family residential uses; R-l, if it were under private ownership.

The only use in the residential area is as a recreation residence [cabin] site which cannot be used as a permanent, year-round, sole place of residence. There are restrictions on the uses of the cabins. There are restrictions on the rehabilitation, remodeling or even painting of the cabins. There are restrictions on the incidence of site amenities and on the availability of parking. All areas of the defined lots are public property and are open & accessible to all members of the public without dispute.

The Pinecrest Permittees Association

The PPA is a non-profit utility corporation 501 [c] 4 which provides Water, Sewer, Garbage, Fire Protection, ‘First Responder’, Snow Removal and some Law Enforcement services at the sole expense and direction of the Permittees. These services are provided in varying degrees to the benefit of the USFS, their concessionaires and the general public. The PPA assess the cabin owners for all services based on use in three basic service areas; ‘North Shore’, ‘South Shore’ and ‘Town’, which is the remainder of the cabins away from the Lake. The Board meets quarterly in the Pinecrest Firehouse (upstairs). The general membership meets annually as close to July 4th as possible in the Amphitheater. The Board Meeting & General Meeting Minutes may be reviewed at the ‘Files Area’ link.

Since the original Board of Directors of 8 the Board has grown to 11 to represent the broad range of Permittees in the Pinecrest Basin. In 2001 the Permittees Association assumed ownership of the current sewer treatment plant, which was previously owned by Tuolumne County. The current By-Laws may be reviewed by linking to ‘By-Laws’. These by-laws were last revised in 2019. We take pride in our history and are always making an effort to maintain any photos of historic nature. If you or your family have any old photographs you would allow us to share please contact Gene Giluly at 322 Rustic.

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