Cabin Owners:  Unfortunately the Cabin Fee Act failed to pass in the 112th Congress.  Given Congress’ collective performance this past year, its no wonder.  Aubrey King, our Washington representative has summarized the most recent events and advances reasons why we need to press on in the 113th Congress (refer to the attachment).  There continues to be significant support, and now, with a few new players in key positions, a successful conclusion is very possible.While it is very discouraging after 4 years and two congresses that we find ourselves still in the clutches of CUFFA,  this result was not for a lack of effort. Our leadership has worked tirelessly and creatively in crafting and remodeling the CFA legislation in the best interests of all concerned (i.e., cabin owners, the Forest Service, and the public). They are committed to seeing this through.  We will need to be resilient and prepared to once again support their efforts when called upon.  For many of us northern California cabin owners (though not all), the down market coincident with our CUFFA appraisals has dampened the impact of the 2013 CUFFA fee assessments for now, but the threat remains.  Fellow permit holders in other states and regions with earlier appraisals will be devastated by the fee increases.  Hence, our effort to replace CUFFA with implementation of a retroactive Cabin Fee Act must continue.  If we’re not successful, in ten (10) years it may be our turn to feel the ravages of unpredictable market cycles, and unjust and unaffordable appraisal-based fee assessments.  Yes, this is still “our” problem too.  We need to stay the course!Regards to All,George