Cabin Fee Act Moves to US Senate

 NFH FORUM/WALNUT CREEK, CA:   The Cabin Fee Act (CFA) Update  (<link) provided by Aubrey King, Pete Bailey and Doug Gann were very informative.  Aubrey’s message was clear, we need to urge Senator Feinstein to support the CFA through her co-sponsorship of the Senate Bill S. 1906.  Many of you have already done that but we need everyone’s participation.  We ask that you engage in the same persuasive dialogue that delivered the support of so many of our northern California and Bay Area Representatives in co-sponsoring the House Bill last year.  We now need to get the Senate on board.  Contact information is:Senator FeinsteinOne Post St., #2450San Francisco, CA 94104(or)Senator Feinstein2500 Tulare Street, #4290Fresno, CA  93721