Cabin Fee Act presented to Senate Hearing Committee by NFH

Good Afternoon Northern California Cabin Owners:

This afternoon Doug Gann adroitly crafted and presented the position of all National Forest cabin owner permittees in support of the Cabin Fee Act (CFA) that seeks a simple, affordable, and predictable user fee system that reflects the actual benefits received, and maintains the marketability of cabins, in addition to sustaining revenue neutrality while maintaining revenues that reflect a fair return to U.S. taxpayers.  The complete text of Doug’s testimony accompanied by a Q&A fact sheet are linked for your review.For Those of you that have closely followed the evolution of the CFA legislation, please take special note of the fact that several changes were proposed in Doug’s testimony that will further improve the bill. These include modification of the Transfer Fee with removal of the surcharge provision; the addition of a $5,000 Fee Tier; and technical language changes intended to clarify aspects of the bill. These proposed changes evolved out of mutual discussions with the Forest Service. A special thank you to Doug and all those behind the scenes that have worked so hard to achieve the progress to date in moving this legislation forward.  We thank you!George Cardinet IIINFH Director and C2 Coordinator for Northern California  and Bay Area Congressional Districts