CFA at critical juncture!!

 The Cabin Fee Act (CFA), S. 1906, is now languishing in the Senate awaiting scheduling for markup by the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee (ENR), Chaired by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM).  While both the House and Senate bills are well positioned for enactment into law, the complexities of the legislative process can be detrimental to the orderly and timely progression of even non-controversial bipartisan bills such as the CFA.  Therefore we need to be forever vigilant and proactive at critical times to ensure the timely progress of the CFA that is so essential for its passage and enactment into law. This is one of those key moments in the process.

In order to be considered on the floor of the Senate, S. 1906 must undergo “markup” (the process by which congressional committees and subcommittees debate, amend, and rewrite proposed legislation) by the ENR Committee.  Tract and association leaders from states with Senators that serve on the ENR have been very active enlisting their support for expediting markup. However, an even broader base of support is now needed, i.e., support from the Senators of all states that have a cabin owner constituency.

Therefore, we Californians all need to immediately contact Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer asking each of them to contact Senator Bingaman and urge him to schedule the Cabin Fee Act, S. 1906 for markup at the earliest possible date.  Recall that Senator Feinstein is a coauthor of the bill for which we are very grateful.  It cannot be overemphasized that a groundswell of interest expressed for S. 1906 will have considerable influence on the Senate’s awareness and consideration of our bill at this critical time. You should remind them that this is bill is non-controversial, bipartisan, revenue neutral and supported by the Forest Service.  Please contact them now even if you have done so before.  To contact our Senators, please click on the links to their respective names listed in the beginning of this paragraph. Finally, additional financial support is needed for the last leg of this long and exhaustive legislative effort.  A summary of revenues and expenses over the past four years is attached for your review.  The final leg of this legislative effort could extend well into the lame duck session of Congress.  Beyond that, passage will require additional efforts to subsequently shepherd the promulgation of rules and regulations for the administration of the Cabin Fee Act.  We need to get it right!  Please consider making a contribution once again. Your support is needed and will be greatly appreciated by all.

See additional info at this LINK!!