The Stanislaus National Forest  announced that most developed recreation sites/faciliites will remain closed through June 15, 2020. The local forest order . #16-2020-07 was scheduled to expire May 31, 2020 [today]. The new order #16-2020-09 will be in effect from June 1, 2020 to June 15, 2020. A copy of the new order will be posted on the Forest Facebook website when it is available.[ ]

You may make comment on this site as well.

They are working with local and state officials to reopen as fast as phasing plans permit. We are still in Phase 1.

Thus, the MARINA will not be open.  The non- essential county-wide travel order is still in place and the cabins are not our primary place of residence, which leaves us somewhat vulnerable to enforcement. If people want to get to their cabins before June 15. They need to walk in. As experienced forest users we should make every attempt to assist in this process.  The USFS is talking about limiting basin access across the board by 50 % . This would mean EVEN and ODD cabin number restrictions. They are considering an entrance booth check point and monitoring each car.  Let’s mind our manners and stay as close to our cabin as possible. Infractions will only increase USFS resolve to set tighter restrictions. If we are not happy about the Forest Orders then we should lobby the Tuolumne County Board Supervisors who establish the Phase staging for Tuoloumne County. Mr. Kirk is our District Supervisor but it can’t hurt to get them all involved.

District 1, Sherri Brennan
District 2, Ryan Campbell
District 3, Daniel Anaiah Kirk
District 4, John Gray
District 5, Karl Rodefer