About 4:00 yesterday afternoon we were advised by the USFS of an ‘evacuation advisory’. This means that there is a possibility that the fire may come so close to Pinecrest that an ‘mandated evacuation’ may be needed to protect he lives of citizens and firefighters as well. In the event of a mandatory evacuation you should depart the areas ASAP. This  ‘advisory period’ is available to allow you to prepare your thoughts on what to haul out etc. We have some evening photos from yesterday from Laurie Cashman at the Pinecrest Lake Resort and some morning photos from Pat Smith our PPA General Manager.We will continue posting info as it becomes available. Most observers feel the firefighters are ‘sliding the fire to the north east into the Emigrant Wilderness. Ranger Molly Fuller is going to provide an updated map and it will be posted when received.

Photo collages:    Monday Evening        Tuesday Morning          Aerial