Summit District Ranger Molly Fuller has accepted ALL our revised second appraisals. This will save us a considerable amount of money over the 10 year fee period. Since our July 4, 2009 General Membership Meeting, on a motion by Roger Gaither, we have pursued a second appraisal. Those second appraisals were submitted by our Appraiser, Lyle Wilkinson to Kim Brower, the Senior USFS Appraiser for our Region. She accepted those appraisals in March with some technical revisions. These ‘revised second appraisals’ were then sent to our new District Ranger Molly Fuller who was the ‘Deciding Officer’ on the disposition of these first and second appraisals. She advised us on June 10, 2013 that she has accepted our appraisals in their entirety, including six typical lakeshore lots that required extra research on her part. George Cardinet has been advising us on this process through his connections with the National Forest Homeowners Association. He has shared his official letter with us. You should receive a similar letter shortly. On a similar note it is our understanding that we should be receiving our USFS bills for this year near the end of June.