District Ranger Molly Fuller has started to send letters to Permittees indicating her acceptance of our revised second appraisals by Lyle Wilkinson. This culminates a process that began at our July 2009 General Membership meeting with a motion by Roger Gaither that we procure second appraisals. Since then we have commissioned Lyle Wilkinson to conduct the second appraisals. His appraisals were submitted to Senior USFS Appraiser Kimberly Brower. She requested some technical changes and the revisions were the approved for review by the local ‘Deciding Officer’, our new Summit District Ranger Molly Fuller. She had some concerns about the six typical lakeshore lots. After several discussions and research she has concluded that all Lyle Wilkinson’s appraisals are to be accepted as revised. Over time this will result in lower USFS Fees for us all. George Cardinet has been very helpful in keeping the Board educated on the appraisal & appealing process. He has shared his letter with us … you should get something similar shortly.