Federal, State & Local governments attend Pinecrest Meeting to discuss Shoreline Management Plan

Representatives from US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office, US Congressman Jeff Denham’s office, State Senator Tom Berryhill’s office and the Tuolumne County Supervisors attended a meeting to discuss the issues in the Shoreline Management Plan posed by the USFS/PG&E team.  Keri Green, representing the ‘Friends Of Pinecrest’ provided alternates in A LETTER OF RECCOMENDATIONS. Hopefully the plan, to be reviewed for submission to FERC on July 24, will be revised to allow continued sailing activities on the lake. The Representatives were given a beach tour prior to the meeting by Allen Green to familiarize them with the issues.

Pictured:Bob Phelan[State Senator Tom Berryhill], Bob Rucker [US Congressman Jeff Denham] & Shelly Abajian [US Senator Dianne Feinstein] at the fishing dock.