FERC Projects Status Reported to PPA

From: Welch, Christina -FS [cwelch02@fs.fed.us]Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2012 5:53 PMTo:t.fisher13@comcast.netCc: Ketter, Ronald -FS; Villalvazo, Ramiro -FS; Burnett, Kathy -FS; Martin, Julie A -FS; Skalski, Susan -FS; Larkin, Kevin -FS; Welch, Christina -FSSubject: update on Pinecrest/FERC work

Hi Tim – hope the New Year is finding you well.  Our Regional Office folks asked me to give you a quick update on what I know about various items on the Pinecrest projects coming out of the FERC re-licensing process, specifically:

Sunrise Point bathrooms: the installation of these and retrofitting of picnic tables there are in a contract that has been available for prospective contractors to look at, but is not out for bid.  We have asked PG&E (who is the responsible party for this contract – the FS has agreed to do the engineering work and contract it out for them) for a possible delay in this project, to allow for further conversation on it, and they have tentatively agreed to that, should it be needed.

Sunrise Point Dock: this (also being engineered and contracted by the FS on behalf of PG&E) is still in the design phase, and not into contracting.

Shoreline Management Plan: we have requested of PG&E to request of FERC a 3-month extension of the deadline of this plan, to allow for further discussion of its components with the public.  PG&E is considering our request.

-Minutes of December meeting with stakeholders of the Shoreline Management Plan: we have requested PG&E share these official minutes, which I believe are more complete that various handwritten ones currently being shared by folks who attended that meeting.  PG&E is posting these (I need to confirm where) but is in the process of working with a contractor to create a website just for Pinecrest, and the  plans/work/FERC-related actions going on there.  This is where they hoped to post the minutes of that meeting, but the website will probably not be available to the public until the beginning of March.

We are really looking forward to the arrival of Kevin Larkin, the acting District Ranger, who will be arriving next Monday.  Susan and I are planning to have him meet with you and many other members of the Pinecrest Community soon after he arrives.

This is just a quick update on where I believe things stand right now.  Tim, we look forward to visiting more with you in the near future.

Christina Welch

Deputy Forest Supervisor

Stanislaus N.F.

209.532.3672 x232