Grassroots Efforts are Needed!!

National Forest Homeowners

Grassroots Message to Cabin Owners

Late last week, Senator Jon Tester, D-MT, introduced S.1341, the ‘Cabin Fee Act of 2013’ (CFA).  This is what we’ve been battling for since 2009!  2013 is our last chance to replace CUFFA and eliminate the problems caused by a fatally flawed appraisal fee system.

Strong and passionate grassroots efforts are needed now!  All cabin owners should urge their Senators to support the Cabin Fee Act. It is especially vital that those cabin owners residing in states with key members of the Senate ENR Committee call and email those Senators as soon as possible.

Please read the full (click here) Grassroots Message that provides you with key talking points and guidance on how to contact your Senators.

Thank you for supporting the Cabin Fee Act! And please share this message with your cabin family and friends.

NFH/C2 Leadership