Thank you for your participation .. last year we did not receive enough votes to qualify as a legitimate election on the issue of by-law revision. Former by-laws required at least 130 votes for a quorum on this one issue.The BY-LAWS revision was adequately supported this year. We received 151 ballots; well over the 130 needed to revise the by-laws. Unfortunately, we usually receive less than 110; oddly we did receive 142 in a 2016 spike.

This turnout is encouraging but after the raw results were announced  at the meeting, We were informed that it was an incorrect tally. Two members indicated that at least three votes against the change in the bylaws were known to them. We reviewed the count & the tally with our Recording Secretary.  We were able to identify the problem. She used Microsoft Excel to tally her ballot counts. This spreadsheet program has an automatic summing prompt [ Σ ]which  stops when it reaches an empty cell. There were empty cells below our ‘no’ votes in the column and they were not tallied. There were however, only two ‘no’ votes’. In the future we will employ two people to count and tally the votes just to have more eyes on the process. Thanks to  the two gentlemen [never got their names] for coming forward so we could remedy.

Another issue which impacts our voting responses is the draw of Pinecrest. As you all arrive for the summer, our last meeting this year was on May 28 and we mail the voting packets as soon as possible after that meeting. Thus, your ballots sit at home in your mailbox. This all may encourage us toward an electronic vote system; accurate and accessible. In the near future we will be printing the new by-laws in a small booklet and distributing to all our members. Thank you for participating!!


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