Pinecrest Permittee adds to the NFH Director Election Debate

There has been an attempt to move some folks into positions of power in the NFH. This is being supported by a group of California Cabin owners from primarily the Huntington Lake area. This group implies that California has lost its position of influence on the Board and more California candidates need to be elected. The fact is that the President (Anderson), Vice President (Dahl), Past President (Glauthier), Secretary (Hoover), and Executive Director (Clarke Ver Hoef) are all California cabin owners. Further, Directors going off the Board are Cardinet and Davis (California cabin owners) along with Filer (WA) and Gordon ID). The slate our alliance is recommending includes Jay Tripathi and Meredith Randall, both California cabin owners, along with Doug Gann (WA), the principal architect of the CFA, and Brad Aspell, a sitting Director (OR). The group fails to tell folks that if the slate they suggest were to be elected, the Huntington Lake Association would have three (3) sitting directors (Anderson, Driggers and Wheary). It so happens, the problem with NFH today is the excess of Huntington Lake influence. We need national representation to fully achieve our goals with Congress.You may view additional information as: