He made this comment to the Board & Members;

Pinecrest has been my family’s little bit of paradise for years, now there have been 6 generations who have enjoyed our cabin on the corner of Lakeshore and Sugar Pine. We have learned to boat, fish, hike, backpack, and ski and just enjoy the nature and simplicity Pinecrest has to offer.

I have been involved with the board for a number of years and have enjoyed serving on the board representing PPA members. Our board and association have done a lot and I want to continue moving forward in providing the service that we all have enjoyed.

I have been involved in a number of boards and commissions, including school boards, County Farm Bureau, State Farm Bureau, County Planning Commission and the State Regional Water Control Board. Currently I’m not only serving on the PPA Board, I’m also serving on the Hughson Park, Recreation and Entertainment Commission, and this year I was elected to the Central Valley Realtors Association Board.

Having served on these various boards has given me understanding of how to run a board and its organization. It has taught me how to be a strong leader and has given me the ability to listen to everyone’s views and move forward as a united board. I’m semi-retired and will have the time and energy to work with the board and its members in providing the best for PPA and the Pinecrest area.