We pay approximately $60k per year to operate the sewer plant. The shift to ‘green power sources’ will induce higher fees over time. Over the last few years we have been exploring the potential of our own solar voltaic array. Most of our power is used during the summer months when it is sunny. Andy Brechwald has spearheaded this investigation on behalf of the Board. He was able to eventually procure three proposals. It was difficult as we are too small for the industrial vendors and too big for the residential vendors. His results were: JKB Energy of Turlock > $356,903; Bendix Electric of Soulsbyville > $416,801 and COOLEARTH of Livermore > $376,600. JKB dropped  their proposal after a site visit. We executed a contract with COOLEARTH in November and they have commenced work. We will pay for the installation as it occurs: 10% Initial;  10% upon delivery of the racking; 10% upon delivery of the inverters; 40% upon delivery of the solar modules; 10% upon installation of the racking & modules and 20% after ‘start-up’. We acquired USFS approval for the installation site near our facilitylast June.

We will use the sewer fund budget for power to pay back ourselves for the cash outlays. The payoff will take approximately  6 years and after that our reliance on PG&E power will be reduced approximately 85%.

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