Public Hearing on Lake Level is held in County Supervisors Chambers

TUD seeks the ability to lower Pinecrest lake levels without oversight. This is a matter of concern to our commercial enterprises and our cabin owners who utilize the Lake for access and emergency services.

Board President Tim Fisher and General Manager Patrick Smith spoke in favor of a SWRCB staff recommendation to continue the current process which allows lower levels with oversight by the SWRCB. They noted that TUD itself acknowledges a 40% loss rate in its infrastructure and places it’s request on:

  • a Lake Level study which did not include many areas of the Lake
  • an exaggerated population growth projection
  • a ‘history’ which inaccurately includes pre-2002 dam repair lake levels

If you wish to study this issue, review the documents at SWRCB web site or the documents below and send a letter with your thoughts to:

            Jeffrey Parks

SWRCB-Water Rights Division

PO Box 2000

Sacramento, CA 95812


Lake Level background

Project ‘Fact Sheet’