Second Appraisals are Underway

In July of 2009 the Board was authorized to provide a Second Appraisal for our CUFFA process. The Board has engaged Lyle Wilkinson of Correia-Xavier Appraisers in Fresno. We have applied for the re-appraisals for everyone as authorized by the General Membership and by USFS Senior Appraiser Kimberly Brower. Lyle Wilkinson has begun his effort and is requesting ‘authorization’ from the USFS. He has been previously ‘approved’.  When he has completed re-appraising our typical lot groups we can determine which ones we wish to submit to the USFS for re-consideration. These appraisals will also be important if the Cabin Fee Act becomes law. They will provide the lowest possible ‘tiering’ for that  protocol. You do not need to individually appeal for a second appraisal.