Summer Garbage & Sewer Services ‘End Dates’

Garbage >>>


As of September 26 we will be on the ‘Winter Garbage Schedule’. All the garbage cans will have been placed back up in the vicinity of your cabin during the final pick up unless you requested winter garbage service. If your can is placed back at the road with garbage we will assume you have requested service. The charge for winter garbage service is $75.00. You may also call the PPA office (965-3234) to request this service.

IMPORTANT >> Members who relocate garbage cans back near the street for pick up service will be charged the full winter garbage rate.

Sewer >>>

Permittees served by the Seasonal South Shore Water & Sewer Systems are reminded that these systems will be shut down at 9:00 AM on Thursday, October 11, 2011 for the winter season. No discharge into the system is allowed until next May when the system is brought back on-line. Discharge into the system during these off-season months will result in sewage spills, which result in heavy fines from the regulatory agencies.

With the approach of winter and freezing conditions please ‘winterize’ your water systems to avoid broken pipes and leakage of great amounts of water. This will have an adverse effect on our fees. Our staff is out in Pinecrest throughout the winter and can advise you if they notice any issues with your cabin. If you would like them to notify you, please give Pat Smith, our General Manager, your emergency contact information if you have not done so.

Water leakage is a costly issue; please thoroughly drain all water systems. Do not leave a valve running to prevent freezing.