There is no official direction from the USFS – BUT this is how it seems things are going:

Permittees have been going to their cabins and have been asked by the USFS to provide their purpose for entering the basin.  If they have gone to their cabin and avoided the USFS facilities; all is OK. If they have gone to the beach they have been offered a ‘perp walk’ back to their cabin or a citation. The encounters with USFS on the roadways have occurred on the major roads and during the day. The whole purpose of the USFS at this time is to prevent the spread of COVED-19 as much as possible and provide equitable recreation opportunities to all their user groups. At this point they have been allowing permittees access to their cabins to make seasonal repairs but have made every effort to avoid congregating in the public spaces. As you know they have only three enforcement officers in the while district so the idea of monitoring beaches is impossible; thus it is discouraged altogether.

Please, let’s use our heads and try to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Use common sense here. They have not yet addressed the issue of access by boat to cabins but we expect info soon. Most of the North Shore & South Shore folks are walking to their cabins as the boat launch is closed. I will forward any info as I get it.

Thank you for your patience and your cooperation. Misbehavior will result in tighter restrictions so I recommend we follow guidance as much as we can.

Thank you – I will continue to provide what I know on this website.



Tim Fisher