USFS Fee Appraisals arriving by US Mail

Our site appraisals are beginning to appear in our mail. Many are surprised that they are lower than feared. While this is pleasant information we are, as directed by the General Membership in our 2009 General Meeting, proceeding with the ‘Appeal/Second Appraisal’ process. We have contracted with Lyle Wilkinson of Correia-Xavier Appraisers in Fresno The Huntington Lake Permittee Association just completed this process with Lyle and opted to submit his appraisals to the USFS which were accepted. He began his work for us several months ago and will proceed as long as weather permits this fall and will resume in the spring of 2012. According to Lyle we can select his ‘second appraisals’ in those typical lot groups which favor the Permittee and leave the USFS appraisal in place if it is the lower of the two. We have officially notified Forest Supervisor Karen Caldwell of our request for the process via letter sent this morning.