USFS to conduct controlled burns in Experimental Forests

Experimental Forest Underburn


The Forest Service will begin burning the Experimental Forest Underburn from May 28th thru June 30th weather and air quality allow. Up to 49 acres will be treated with low-intensity fire.

The goal of this prescribed burn is to enhance public and firefighter safety by reducing the build-up of dead and down fuels and to reduce the threat of high-intensity wildfire while protecting watershed values and wildlife habitat by creating a mosaic pattern of vegetation.

Burn days will be contingent on weather, fuel moisture, and air quality. All burning is monitored and conducted in accordance with state and county air quality guidelines and closely coordinated with local county air quality control districts.

The burn will take place only on days when meteorological conditions are favorable for smoke dispersion. Expected smoke transport would be up-canyon (easterly) during the day and down-canyon (westerly) at night.