The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC] is the primary federal agency responsible for issuing licenses for all non-federal hydroelectric projects within its jurisdiction. The Federal Power Act requires evidence of compliance with state and local requirements before issuance of a FERC license. There are very few hydropower projects that are not subject to FERC licensing requirements. A FERC license (or an exemption from licensing) must be obtained for any hydropower project within FERC’s jurisdiction, including: projects on a navigable waterway; projects that would use federal land;  projects that would use surplus water or water power from a federal dam; and projects that will affect interstate commerce (those that would be connected to a regional transmission grid).

Starting on license issuance, the term runs between 30 and 50 years. At the end of the stated term, the licensee must undertake the relicensing process.

The Stanislaus National Forest, Summit Ranger District (SNF) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) are working together to update and rehabilitate Pinecrest’s day use areas and campgrounds1. These improvements are designed to rehabilitate/replace aging facilities and infrastructure, meet accessibility needs, improve circulation and parking.

On April 20, 2010 PG&E filed their Traffic, Circulation & Parking Plans [T-C-P]with FERC with the approval (if not direction) of the USFS after two ‘courtesy meetings’ with our membership. While these meetings were informative the Permittees were advised that their input would have little impact on the plans for the basin. PPA has found discomfort with some of the aspects of theses plans and has utilized the services of Attorney George I. Deane to assist us in reconciling these issues.  You may view  George’s comments and the graphic plans at the links below:

The narrative elements of these submitted plans are linked below: