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PG&E maintains a weather station near the dam (just above our main water tank). The station tracks temperature and precipitation hourly, has a 12-v battery back-up, uplinks the data via satellite and makes the info available over the internet. In addition, it displays the data graphically, maintains 15 years of historical data, and can be queried for any selected time period. the main page, the two most useful functions are (RAINTIP) which is an hourly measure of precipitation and (TEMP AV) which is the hourly temperature. Both icons are found in the lower center of the main page. When clicked, both icons will display 2 days of history but each page allows the user to select the number of days of history or to select specific dates. In addition, the tipping bucket is heated and works equally well during the winter and if you assume each inch of rain equals approx. 10” of snow, it is surprisingly accurate.

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