USFS Issues

Summer homes on National Forest Lands was first authorized by Congress in 1897. Currently, the United States Forest Service (USFS) leases the sites for the cabins, camps & commercial uses in the Pinecrest Basin. The cabins receive 20 year leases after assuring compliance with USFS construction & site guidelines & payment of annual leasing fees. The USFS plays a major role in the uses and activities allowed in the Basin. It is important to monitor their role.

The cabin owners are a members of the National Forest Homeowners Association (NFHA) which monitors these activities in Washington DC and provides guidance to many of our interactions with the USFS.The ‘Cabin User Fee Fairness Act of 2000’ (CUFFA) was passed by Congress to avoid fee hikes based on inappropriate appraisals. Since that time the Pinecrest Permittees Association (PPA) and other tract organizations throughout the US have proposed a new system of Fee Assessment called the Cabin Fee Act (CFA). This act has broad support but has not cleared both the legislative houses. It continues to be a work in progress.

Additionally, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. [PG&E] are relicensing the dam through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC]. PG&E is required to make certain improvements that are acceptable to the USFS for recreational uses. Because these plans are approved by the USFS without input from the PPA it has been an issue of contention in some respects.

PPA & USFS Contracts for SERVICE

Original TUD Agreemenrt [1976]

1986 PPA  Agreement

2001 PPA Agreement [unsigned]

USFS Permits to PPA

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